Year 3 ACCEL Rolls-Royce

These resources have been created for Year 3 pupils in line with the LKS2 science, maths, computing, art and design technology curriculum.



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Year 3 Activity Overview

This series of practical STEAM activities have been produced by Rolls Royce for Year 3 pupils. Within the collection there is an art and design, engineering, maths, science and technology activity which can be used to enhance existing pupil knowledge or to teach a key area of the LKS2 Science, Maths, Design...

Mission Patch Designs

In this activity, pupils have the opportunity to design and make their own space mission badges. Pupils will create sketchbooks to record their observations, improve their mastery of art and design techniques including drawing, painting and sculpture with a range of materials and learn about great artists,...

Cams and Followers

This activity gives pupils the opportunity to learn about cams and followers before designing and making a moving model based on ‘The Spirit of Innovation Project’. Throughout the activity, pupils will be able to use tools and materials to make a moving model that incorporates at least one cam before evaluating...

All systems checked and ready to go and Tangram Teaser

This resource contains two maths activities. The first gives pupils the opportunity to make and fly paper planes, measure distance travelled accurately and mathematically record data. This maths activity gives pupils the chance to learn more about how the wing span and fuselage length can affect the distance a...