This collection of resources provide challenges for children to design, make and improve. They link to aspects of D&T and provide a nice context for science learning.  They also encourages problem solving, perseverance, creativity, cooperation and spatial thinking. A list of equipment needed  is also supplied within the resource, though children could try to create a similar structure with materials available to them.

This resource has been provided by IMechE, (the Institute of Mechanical Engineers).





In this activity children are challenged to design, build and produce a freestanding tower structure that is stable enough to support a weight for 10 seconds. ...

Hydraulic Propagator

The Propagator project introduces students to hydraulic systems and their inner workings. Using a few household items and craft materials, students can build a propagator with a basic hydraulic system that will help them care for their seedlings.

At primary level, the set up of a propagator needs to...

Cork launcher

This activity provides pupils with the opportunity to learn how forces affect the motion of a projectile, the optimum angles for launching a projectile the farthest and the effects of potential and kinetic energy by designing and making their own cork launcher. Pupils can work individually or as part of a team,...

Mechanical hand

This activity provides pupils with the opportunity to learn how to make their own mechanical hand using everyday materials to help prevent the spread of germs. The video provides step by step instructions on how to make your mechanical hand as well as offering further information around the physics of the...


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