Six for Six Module 2 - Living in a world made by STEM

These Six for Six activities enhance pupils' aged 7 to 11 understanding  of the world around them and how advances in technology, engineering or manufacturing principles drive it. The unit of work is split into 6 sessions and all sessions give pupils the opportunity to extend their learning through practical activities, and by offering a more in depth knowledge of the world around them. Pupils will finish this module better understanding the impact of technology on their day-to-day lives. This unit of work provided by Siemens supports areas of the key stage two science curriculum. 

The collection includes an initial overview document on how to use and sequence the resources in a programme of study.



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Living in a world made by STEM (Overview)

These Six for Six activities support pupils to understand that they live in a world driven by advances in technology, engineering or manufacturing principles. The teacher notes below offers an overview of the six modules offered by Siemens to enhance the KS2 Science and Design Technology curriculums. 


Let There Be Light

This resource provided by Siemens contains three lessons which link to various aspects of energy production and electricity. The lessons are:

  • The magic of making electricity - Pupils find out how electricity can be produced and used. They look at examples of hand crank technology and...

Clean Silent Trains

This resource provided by Siemens, aimed at primary learners, looks at how science, technology and engineering has shaped the way we live. It is divided into four activities which link to aspects of the technology, science and mathematics curriculum.

  • The power of steam - The first part...

Green bus

This activity sheet includes a range of activities including researching how buses can be powered in more sustainable and environmentally friendly ways, a quiz and a world jumble. The resource also gives a web link allowing pupils to further explore any questions they may have, learn fun facts and discover a range...