Little Inventors

The activities provided in the Little Inventors collection aim to inspire children to use their imaginations to help them to think up, and draw original, funny, fantastical or practical invention ideas with no limits, to solve a range of perceived problems from food waste to those experienced in the Victorian Era. These activities can be adapted for use across the primary stage and cover areas of the Science, English, Art, Design Technology and History curriculum.



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Food Waste Challenge

Through this challenge pupils will develop their understanding of how food waste contributes to climate change. Pupils will have the opportunity to identify potential problems or areas where an invention could help reduce the amount of food we waste, before designing their own invention and evaluating and...


Through this challenge, pupils will have the opportunity to explore and understand the everyday life of the Victorians. Pupils will have the opportunity to identify potential problems/areas of Victorian life where an invention could be useful and to use drawing, writing and speech to communicate their invention to...