Computing Systems And Networks - Communication

In this unit, pupils develop their understanding of the World Wide Web as a communication tool. Pupils will learn how we find information on the World Wide Web by exploring how search engines work, including how they select and rank results. They will also learn what influences searching by comparing different search engines. Pupils will have the opportunity to investigate different methods of communication, before focusing on internet based communication. To end the unit pupils will evaluate which method of internet communication works best for particular purposes. . This unit provided by the National Centre for Computing Education covers key areas of the Upper Key Stage 2 computing curriculum;

  • Use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly.
  • Understand computer networks including the internet; how they can provide multiple services such as the world wide web; and the opportunities they offer for communication and collaboration,
  • Use search technologies effectively, appreciate how results are selected and ranked and be discerning in evaluating digital content.
  • Select, use and combine a variety of software (including internet services) on a range of digital devices to design and create a range of programs, systems and content that accomplish given goals, including collecting, analysing, evaluating and presenting data and information.




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Lesson 1 - Searching The Web

In this session, pupils will be introduced to a range of search engines and will have the opportunity to explain how they work before writing and testing instructions. Pupils will also learn that searches do not always return the results they are looking for and that they will need to refine their searches...

Lesson 2 - Selecting Search Results

In this session, pupils will develop their understanding of why search engines are important to helping us find things on the World Wide Web. The resources support pupils to conduct their own searches and break down the steps needed to find things on the web. Pupils will then have the opportunity to undertake the...

Lesson 3 - Ranking

In this session, pupils will learn about the main factors influencing how a search engine ranks webpages before creating their own paper-based ‘web pages’ in groups on a topic being studied in class. Pupils will then discover how their webpages would rank when searching for keywords relating to their content. This...

Lesson 4 - Searching

In this session pupils will investigate how the person performing a web search can influence the results that are returned and how content creators can optimise their sites for searching. Pupils will also explore some of the limitations of searching; discuss what cannot be searched and how search engines make money...