Year 9 Teaching Resources

These resources support the teaching of the computing curriculum for year 9. The resources offer practical and varied activities to cover the areas of the curriculum below:

  • use two or more programming languages, at least one of which is textual, to solve a variety of computational problems
  • understand how data of various types (including text, sounds and pictures) can be represented and manipulated digitally, in the form of binary digits
  • understand a range of ways to use technology safely, respectfully, responsibly and securely, including protecting their online identity and privacy; recognise inappropriate content, contact and conduct and know how to report concerns​

It also includes content suitable for Key Stage 4 to interest students and extend their understanding further to make informed decisions about options in KS4.

To find out more about what's on offer, visit the Teach Computing website.





This unit introduces students to the binary digits that lie beneath the images and sounds of the digital media that is all around them.  

Just like in the previous unit, where students examined characters and numbers, the ideas that...

This unit introduces students to how data can be represented and processed in sequences such as lists and strings. The lessons cover a range of operations on sequences of data, from accessing an individual element to manipulating the entire...


This unit introduces students to the dangers of our interconnected world, and how cybersecurity is needed to keep our networks and online identities safe. It also includes techniques used by cybercriminals to steal...

Data Science

This unit introduces students to the powerful and topical discipline of Data Science. By the end of the unit they will know how to use data to investigate problems and make changes to the world around them. Students will interact with both global and local data sets and gain an understanding of how visualising data...


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