This collection of resources has been developed to support the teaching of modern materials. Each resource is inspired by space, providing information, experiments and discussion points for each of the modern materials and technologies.



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Modern materials: teacher notes

These teacher notes will guide you through the collection of resources created for space-inspired modern materials. Including:

Modern materials: Introduction

This resources provides students with an introduction to the topic of modern materials. It provides an overview of what modern materials are and why we might use them for different products. The specific materials included are:

  • Nanotechnologies
  • Liquid crystal displays
  • Graphene
  • ...

Modern materials: E-Textiles

This resources  provides a space themed introduction to the topic of E-textiles. It looks at some of the technologies used, provides examples of products that are made possible by E-textiles and provides some hands-on examples of how you can bring E0textiles into your classroom.

Modern materials: coated metals

A coated metal has a coating applied to the surface to enhance or change its functional or aesthetic properties. This resources explores the topic of coated metals, specifically anodising, galvanising, powder coating, dip coating, electroplating. 


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