Biomimicry: project ideas and lesson resources

A collection of resources to support teaching the principles of biomimicry in design and engineering.



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Biomimicry - in architecture

Part four of a series of five lessons covering biomimicry students will develop an understanding of how biomimicry has inspired architecture through shape and form. Throughout the lesson resource students will develop memory skills from studying images and being able to recreate them quickly as a free line sketch....

Biomimicry - design challenge

Part five of a series of five lessons covering biomimicry students will re-cap previous lessons learning on biomimicry. They will work in small groups and in a short time period complete a design challenge of producing a scaled model of an item of furniture using a provided image board. Students will be provided...

Activity 5: Biomimicry - lessons from nature

Biomimicry involves looking at nature for inspiration to solve engineering problems and to develop innovative new designs for products and architecture. This activity, from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, investigates what is meant by linear and closed loops systems and explores products that have been developed by...

Biomimicry inspired concepts for transport

This resource was developed by a STEM Ambassador, working with St Bonaventure’s School. It looks at how the natural world has inspired design. Student research and developed ideas for their biomimicry-based modes of transport, and modelled them.
Students then presented their ideas and models, explaining how...