These resources come from the Maths Careers website, which is managed and maintained by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications.

The eleven activities in this collection are designed to encourage learner to delve deeper into a wide range of mathematical topics including air miles, paper folding and the golden ratio.

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Air Miles

This More Maths Grads resource, from the Maths Careers website, investigates the maths used in transport and is based on the travelling salesman problem.

Students are given a table containing information on the cost of air travel between nine different cities and asked to plan a route that visits each...

Cryptic Challenge

This resource, from the Maths Careers website, contains a quiz in which teams have to solve a different type of code of cypher in each round.

The topics covered include mobile texting, transposition of messages, pencil code, binary and frequency analysis.

The activity was written in conjunction with...

Cube Puzzle

This resource, from the Maths Careers website, contains data collected from 100 groups competing in a cube puzzle.

The information was collected as part of the Big Bang London Science Fair and includes a range of investigations to help explore the data. Areas covered include scatter diagrams, correlation,...


This resource, from the Maths Careers website, explores fractal geometry and was created in conjunction with More Maths Grads and the University of Leeds.

The activity involves making paper representations of fractals and gives the opportunity to investigate some of their mathematical properties.



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