Inspiring Scientists is a series of resources to help develop students’ understanding and awareness of science and the diversity of scientists. The resources showcase the life stories of British scientists with minority ethnic heritage and covers issues such as being a minority in science, influences in their childhoods and the fun and importance of science both to themselves and to the wider community. The activities that accompany the profiles relate to the area of research that the scientist is involved in. The resources for each scientist are divided into two academic levels: primary and secondary (age 11-16). Each resource consists of teacher guidance, an activity worksheet, the scientist’s timeline and a video profile. The video profiles were commissioned by the Royal Society and carried out as an oral history project by National Life Stories at the British Library. Interviewees range from PhD students to Professors and the focus on science is wide, covering academia, big industry and individual entrepreneurship with scientists working across a range of scientific disciplines from food science to space science.


Mark Richards

Mark Richards is a scientist and a DJ (DJ Kemist). He was born in Nottingham in 1970 to parents who had emigrated from Jamaica and remembers successfully 'battling with the boffins' at his comprehensive school, often coming top in chemistry.

Following a degree in chemistry, he has worked (getting a PhD along...

Sanjeev Gupta

Sanjeev Gupta is a geologist who uses his understanding of rocks and physical processes such as plate tectonics, mountain building, deposition of sediment and erosion by water to understand how particular landscapes were formed from remote deserts, under the sea in the English Channel and on Mars!

He came to...


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