Pumpkin Interactive: Science

The film clips in this collection were produced by Pumpkin Interactive, whose aim is to provide case studies of real life applications to illustrate some of the more complex scientific concepts and theories. Themes covered include: forces and motion, waves and imaging and electricity generation, transmission and distribution.


Electricity Generation: Renewables

This film clip shows how steam is used to drive turbines in power stations which burn fossil fuels. It then looks at how turbines can be adapted to be driven by alternative energy sources, and examines the advantages and disadvantages of energy sources such as wind, to solar, biomass, hydroelectric power, tidal and...

Electricity Generation: Non Renewables

Fossil Fuels and nuclear energy still account for over 60% of the UK's electricity generation and in some countries their use is even on the rise. As well as containing clear explanations and graphics to illustrate how energy from coal, gas and uranium is used to generate electricity, this clip explores the...

Electricity, Transmission, and Distribution

This clip looks at how electricity is distributed from power station to consumers along the National Grid. As well as giving an overview of the entire distribution network, it also looks at how step up and step down transformers are used to reduce line loss during transmission and to make the voltage safe for use...

Extraordinary Electromagnetism

Nearly two hundred years after Faraday wowed his audiences by demonstrating electromagnetic induction, this clip takes a variety of exciting and contemporary examples through which to explain the principles behind the phenomenon that has made it possible to produce and distribute electrical energy on a large scale...


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