Building on the Key Stage 1 Blockly activity, this course introduces children to repeat loops, 'if' statements, and variables.

The activities focus on driving a delivery van around increasingly complex routes involving twists, turns and traffic lights. At the end of Lower Key Stage 2, the children can demonstrate their programming skills by creating a routing challenge for friends.

Children get the opportunity to design their own background and characters, and set up variables such as traffic lights to increase the level of complexity


Session One: Recap on Using a Simple Repeat Loop

This lesson recaps some of the learning from the Key Stage One Blockly course on Rapid Router. It touches on repetition in programs, and requires children to create an algorithm challenge that requires loops to solve it efficiently. The challenges are in the context of programming a groceries delivery van.


Session Two: Using Repeat with a Condition on a Simple Route

The second lesson using Blockly in upper primary within the Rapid router game-like environment. This activity introduces conditional repeat statements that loop until a condition is met. Videos are included that explain to children why conditionals are useful. Also included are worksheets, assessment forms, model...

Session Three: Using Simple Selection and Repetition

This Blockly lesson from the Rapid Router course examines selection using IF statements. Nesting IF statements within loops is also studied, and a video explains the importance of selection in programs.

An 'unplugged' activity reinforces understanding before the children code their solutions in Rapid Router...

Session Four: General Solution Using Repeat until and

This Rapid Router lesson uses the Blockly language to develop ideas about selection, repetition, and conditionals. Children progress from specific instructions to spot patterns that can be made into generalised solutions. This important step helps learning about abstraction and pattern generalisation, two...


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