RAF STEM Resources

A collection of STEM resources from the Royal Air Force (RAF). Included are a selection of resources demonstrating how the RAF use technology to aid them in search and rescue operations and how the natural world inspires engineers to develop new products and designs.



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This resource looks at how biomimicry enables engineers to take ideas from the natural world to develop new products and designs. The specific example of gecko tape is used to illustrate this. Students play a game of pairs where they need to match technology with the animal or plant which inspired its development....


This resource is based on Felicity Ashton’s expedition to Antarctica. Felicity was the first person to ski across Antarctica using only muscle power and the first women to cross Antarctica alone.

Students are introduced to the technologies that are used on expeditions to dangerous and remote locations,...

Search and Rescue

This resource puts students in charge of an RAF search and rescue operation in the UK. To do this, they are provided with support and advice from a number of experts at different points during the rescue. They work as a team to discuss this advice and choose the best course of action, justifying the reasons for...


This resource provides a film which explains how the movement of the tectonic plates can cause earthquakes and tsunamis. Students are then introduced to a rescue operation to save the population of a string of islands known as the Snowpac chain. There has been a disastrous earthquake which has devastated this...