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This collection of resources from BAE Systems contains a series of worksheets for use in the classroom. Looking at different aspects of science, design and technology, and mathematics, they provide activity ideas alongside explanations of the concepts underpinning the investigations. They also aim to encourage young people to make the links to applications in technology and engineering.


Bridge Building

In this activity children are challenged to build a bridge 50cm wide to support the weight of a food tin. They must do this using only drinking straws, tape and string. First they investigate different shapes to find out which will be better at absorbing load. They then design and create their bridges and test them...

Water and Plants

This activity demonstrates the uptake and transport of water in plants. Plants take up water and nutrients through tiny tubes running the length of the plant. Using cut flowers and coloured water children investigate the way in which water is transported within plants through the process of transpiration.



This activity idea looks at different types of seed dispersal used by plants. Children carefully observe different types of seed head and decide which method different plants use to spread their seeds. They then create a paper spinner to model the dispersal of sycamore seeds and compare this to the way helicopter...

Light and Colour

In this activity, students see how the primary colours of light turn white when mixed together. There is a brief description of the visible spectrum and how animals can see UV light, with some questions for students to answer.


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