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This collection of resources from BAE Systems contains a series of worksheets for use in the classroom. Looking at different aspects of science, design and technology, and mathematics, they provide activity ideas alongside explanations of the concepts underpinning the investigations. They also aim to encourage young people to make the links to applications in technology and engineering.


Make your own electromagnet

In this activity, students make a nail into an electromagnet. They then investigate whether increasing the number of coils of wire, or the thickness or length of the mail, affects the strength of the electromagnet.

Create you own bulb thermometer

In this activity, students make their own thermometer using a jar and a straw. There is a simple explanation of expansion in liquids and questions for students to answer about the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales.

Newton's First Law of Motion

This activity provides a simple demonstration of forces and motion. There is a basic description of non-contact forces and some questions for students to answer.


This activity explores 3D shapes and where they may been seen in everyday life. Children construct four shapes and think about where these shapes may be seen in different vehicles in different situations such as the road, airport, railway station, the ocean, and in space.

Aimed at primary level, this...


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