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This collection of resources from BAE Systems contains a series of worksheets for use in the classroom. Looking at different aspects of science, design and technology, and mathematics, they provide activity ideas alongside explanations of the concepts underpinning the investigations. They also aim to encourage young people to make the links to applications in technology and engineering.



Explore how electricity flows and the effect of conductors and insulators in this whole class activity. Using balloons and a range of everyday objects children role-play parts of a circuit including: batteries, light bulbs, connecting wires, conductors and insulators.

Aimed at primary level, this activity...


This resource shows an example of how to create condensation and precipitation in a jar. It could be used when looking at changes of state and the water cycle.

Aimed at primary level this activity has been provided by BAE Systems.

Diameter of the Moon

In this activity, students use similar triangles to estimate the diameter of the moon.

How Water Behaves

This activity sheet looks at the changing state of water. Children think about the way water behaves when it is heated to boiling point or cooled to freezing point and discuss the changes in state. They then look at some of the properties of water in its liquid state and write them down.

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