Discontinuous graphs

This sub-collection of resources from the ‘Graphing Stories’ collection contains situations that give rise to jump discontinuities in graphs.


Ponies in frame

The initial frame of the video shows a toy pony. As time progresses additional ponies are added to the scene. At the end, all of the ponies are taken away. The challenge is to graph the number of ponies in the frame against time. The resulting graph is one with discontinuities.

Ponies in frame video...

Size of hand

The video shows a deck of cards being dealt between four people. The cards are handed out at a constant rate. The challenge is to graph the number of cards per person (‘size of hand’) against time.

Size of hand video


Height off ground

A computer animation is shown that features a character. The character jumps and disappears through various ‘holes’ before reappearing on the screen at various heights. The challenge is to graph the height of the character against time.

Height off ground video

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