Statistics and Probability

This sub-collection of resources from the Virtual Text Book collection contains nine resources designed for use on an interactive whiteboard to aid the teaching and learning of a variety of topics in ‘Algebra'. Each resource is an interactive Excel worksheet to encourage teacher-student interaction. The topics covered are:

• Product Moment Correlation Coefficient
• Discrete Random Variables: Coins
• Frequency Tables and Quantiles
• Histograms
• Normal Distribution
• Probability: Biased Coins
• Regression (Linear)
• Standard Deviation
• Venn Diagrams


Product Moment Correlation Coefficient

This series of interactive excel sheets explore the product moment correlation coefficient (PMCC). Another title can be found in our Virtual Textbook: Secondary collection.


Discrete Random Variables - Coins

This series of interactive excel sheets explore discrete random variables, in particular those of coins and dice.

The first sheet offers a reminder of Pascal’s Triangle.


Frequency Tables and Quantiles

This excel resource contains a series of interactive sheets exploring frequency tables and quartiles.

The first sheet calculates the mean from a frequency table. The second calculates an estimate for the mean from a...


This is a series of interactive excel sheets that look at histograms.

The first sheet contains a histogram displaying a summary of time spent travelling to work. A new set of data can be generated at the click of a...


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