STEM on screen

Everyone loves good movies, TV shows and fairy tales, but each of them contain a surprising number of opportunities for STEM to be explored. This resource set provides students with the chance to discover some of the ‘magic’ behind well-known movies, facts and fairy tales. Could you really make a skate board hover? Could Rapunzel really climb down her hair? Do magical creatures really exist?

Covering a wide range of STEM subjects the resources are both age and ability differentiated, with each set providing at least six hours of fun-filled STEM Clubs engagement. The activities are a great way for new clubs to get involved and for established clubs to use as exciting introductions to further research and experimentation. Club Leaders can dip in and out of the activities or students can work through a complete set of eight activities.



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Fact finders 7-9

The (fictional) show Fact Finders TV needs help from your STEM Club! The show explores common myths, crazy stories and possible pranks and is asking pupils to find out, ‘Is it really true?’ and ‘How could it work?’ Pupils will make their own models to test their ideas and draw conclusions so they can report back on...

Movie music 11-14

Movies are amazing: a good movie can make you laugh, cry or jump in surprise. But how do they do it? The music you are listening to plays a big part. This programme investigates the design and technology that goes into making movies sound good – from understanding how soundtracks can make you feel a particular...