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The X Bacteria

In this practical protocol students investigate one way in which bacteria acquire antibiotic resistance through conjugation - horizontal gene transfer from one bacterial strain or species to another.

Plasmid-mediated evolution is fast because whole functional ‘modules’ are lost and gained, rather than the...

Brine Date

With this resource, students develop observation skills by investigating the phenomenon of ‘mate-guarding’ in brine shrimp. Following a teacher-led discussion, students generate hypotheses. For example, one of the hypotheses may be that larger females pair with larger males.

These may be tested...

Battle of the Beaks

This practical activity explores beak adaptations in bird populations and looks at the way in which variation in beak shape is related to the available food sources within an environment.

Students simulate bird feeding by using a ‘beak’ to collect food and place it into a stomach. There are four different...

Make Your Own Mucus and Extracting DNA

Produced by Nowgen, with support from the Wellcome Trust, these resources illustrate two practical activities. One explains how to make 'artificial mucus' and relates it to the mucus produced in the lungs by individuals with cystic fibrosis (CF). The second is an activity sheet with instructions on how to extract...

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