IET Faraday Primary Resources

This collection provides lots of STEM challenges linked to science topics in the primary curriculum. Many support learning skills in D&T and can be run as a project. The challenge days support teachers in running their own Aerospace engineers or Lighthouse keeper transfer challenge day with children. They can be used to enhance the curriculum as children need to apply existing knowledge of electrical circuits, forces, design and construction in an integrated project.

Although the challenges are designed to be delivered across one day they can also be split into smaller parts and used over several weeks or within a STEM club.

These resources have been provided by the IET, (Institution of Engineering and Technology).


Dryads diary

This STEM activity supports pupils to be able to describe how a deciduous tree changes with the season. This activity, which needs to be carried out over a school year, gives pupils the opportunity to record the changes in a deciduous tree within the school groups. Pupils could draw pictures, use photographs or...

Fantastic fashion

This STEM activity supports pupils in a meaningful context to write and calculate statements for multiplication and to understand how to determine a number of different possibilities using the dress-the-model activity. Pupils will use a dress-the-model handout which they can colour in and then cut out, to find out...

Fashionable forests

In this STEM activity pupils will investigate the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees in terms of their foliage and changes across the seasons. This activity includes a presentation outlining the differences between the two types of trees and the opportunity to create a ‘class tree’ where learners...

Gravity free water activity

In this STEM activity, pupils will perform an experiment showing how the effects of air pressure can be used to seemingly defy gravity. Pupils will fill a glass with water, place a piece of card over it and turn it upside down, giving the opportunity to discuss how and why the water stays in the glass. This...


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