IET Faraday Primary Resources

This collection provides lots of STEM challenges linked to science topics in the primary curriculum. Many support learning skills in D&T and can be run as a project. The challenge days support teachers in running their own Aerospace engineers or Lighthouse keeper transfer challenge day with children. They can be used to enhance the curriculum as children need to apply existing knowledge of electrical circuits, forces, design and construction in an integrated project.

Although the challenges are designed to be delivered across one day they can also be split into smaller parts and used over several weeks or within a STEM club.

These resources have been provided by the IET, (Institution of Engineering and Technology).


Wheels and axles

This resource focusses on exploring shape, nets, wheels and axles. This activity uses pupil’s prior knowledge of nets to make a base for a vehicle. It then introduces the use of axles and wheels to enable the car to move. It could be used at key stage 1 to develop understanding of the use of axles and wheels in...

Wind powered cars

This resource focusses on making a balloon powered car to learn about forces. Presenting pupils with the question, 'How do things move?' pupils explore aeroplanes and cars, learning about ‘thrust’. Through designing their own balloon-powered car, children will explore how they can increase and decrease thrust,...

What is the fastest?

In this activity, learners will compare journey times for different modes of transport and will calculate the time to travel specified distances. It allows learners to apply their maths skills in a practical application.

Materials include an introductory presentation, activity sheet and handout.


Station hunt

In this maths based activity learners will find stations along a rail network, based on journey times and using a known starting position. The task involves adding different combinations of journey times to identify the answer.



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