IET Faraday Primary Resources

This collection provides lots of STEM challenges linked to science topics in the primary curriculum. Many support learning skills in D&T and can be run as a project. The challenge days support teachers in running their own Aerospace engineers or Lighthouse keeper transfer challenge day with children. They can be used to enhance the curriculum as children need to apply existing knowledge of electrical circuits, forces, design and construction in an integrated project.

Although the challenges are designed to be delivered across one day they can also be split into smaller parts and used over several weeks or within a STEM club.

These resources have been provided by the IET, (Institution of Engineering and Technology).


Pizza the action

This STEM activity introduces pupils to fractions by giving them the opportunity to cut a pizza in a range of ways. Pupils will be able to show how pizza can be shared into equal parts and recognise halves and quarters as part of a whole unit. This activity could be used as a starter or main activity to introduce...

Pouncing cats

This STEM activity gives pupils the opportunity to investigate the effects of static electricity. Pupils will rub a balloon against their jumper and use the build-up of static charge to make tissue paper cat shapes pounce onto and stick to the balloon. They will then be encouraged to discuss and explain the outcome...

Put a ring on it

In this STEM activity pupils will have the opportunity to measure the circumference of a tree trunk and use this information and number skills to work out the age of the tree in years. They will then repeat this for other trees and present and discuss their results as a class. This activity supports the teaching of...

Rainbow reflections

In this STEM activity, pupils will use a torch and a CD to create rainbow reflection patterns on a piece of paper. Pupils will develop their understanding of how light reflects off objects, the colours that make up white light and how these are separated when shone onto a CD. This activity could be used as a...


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