IET Faraday Primary Resources

This collection provides lots of STEM challenges linked to science topics in the primary curriculum. Many support learning skills in D&T and can be run as a project. The challenge days support teachers in running their own Aerospace engineers or Lighthouse keeper transfer challenge day with children. They can be used to enhance the curriculum as children need to apply existing knowledge of electrical circuits, forces, design and construction in an integrated project.

Although the challenges are designed to be delivered across one day they can also be split into smaller parts and used over several weeks or within a STEM club.

These resources have been provided by the IET, (Institution of Engineering and Technology).


Half full or half empty

In this STEM activity through practical activity pupils will develop their understanding of capacity, volume and fractions such as halves and quarters, as parts of a whole object. Pupils will have the opportunity to see fractions at work as they fill two half sized glasses to the top before pouring them into...

Litter ally terrible

This STEM activity supports pupils to develop their knowledge and understanding of litter and how data can be recorded and displayed. Pupils will have the opportunity to collect different types of litter and record the amount of each type found in a tally chart before being supported to create a pictogram to...

Making rain

In this STEM activity pupils will perform an experiment to investigate how rain falls from clouds. The activity asks pupils to spray shaving foam on top of a glass of water to create a ‘cloud’, before adding food colouring and watching as the cloud fills up, producing ‘rain’. Pupils will then have the opportunity...

Material world

This STEM activity supports pupils to be able to describe the simple physical properties of everyday materials and to compare and group everyday materials based on their properties. Pupils will have the opportunity to discuss which properties are typically important for a range of objects, such as bowls, chairs and...


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