Expert Subject Advisory Group - Science

The resources in this collection were produced by the Expert Subject Advisory Group for Science. The Expert Group is made up of subject experts from schools, Teaching School Alliances, universities, providers of initial teacher education, Local authority advisers and subject associations. The lead HMI for science is an observer and adviser to the group. The 14 expert groups (formed in January 2012) are sector-based and are independent of the Government. As such the advice is based on current research and good practice as well as the new statutory requirements. The materials are aimed at anyone who has a responsibility to train teachers or to deliver the new national curriculum for science. The remit of the group is:

  1. Continue to develop and publish guidance and resources to support the implementation of the 2014 national curriculum.
  2. Work with science community to disseminate advice.
  3. Evaluate and where necessary amend the advice published and make the necessary amendments in light of curriculum changes or feedback from the sector.
  4. Edit advice in light of recent research.


Assessment in Science Guidelines

This resources provides advice on assessment in science following the removal of the system of using levels report on progress and attainment from September 2014. From this date, schools will have the flexibility to use approaches that work for their students and circumstances, without being constrained by a single...

Preparing Your Child for Year 7 Science

This resource describes how parents can assist their children in the transition to working scientifically at secondary school. The document also details how children have been taught to work scientifically at primary level.

The resource has been provided by the Expert Subject Advisory Group - Science.

Resourcing the New Curriculum

This resource provides a list of organisations, websites and resources that can help in resourcing the 2014 science curriculum, including advice on how to make the most of the equipment budget to organisations that can arrange a scientist to visit school.

This resource was produced by the Expert Subject...

ESAG Guidance on Buying and Using Published Schemes of Work

Schools often use a published scheme of work to teach the new curriculum. There is a wide range of published schemes of work to support delivery of the National Curriculum in Science containing excellent resources and teaching ideas.

This resource provides a checklist for schools to use when considering...


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