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This set of four activities is based around the sense of smell.  Activities support children to understand how the sense of smell is vital to identify flavour and explore how smell can evoke memory.  Some of the activities are designed to be carried out using an accompanying kit, although in most cases teachers would be able to carry out the activity using readily available resources to replace items from the kit.  These activities have been provided by Flavour Sense Nation.


What is taste and what is flavour?

In this experiment children explore the importance of smell to identify the flavour of food.  Children compare the flavour of a mixture of sugar and cinnamon both while holding their nose and then without holding their nose.  This activity has been provided by Flavour Sense Nation.

Identifying food from its smell

In this activity children investigate how accurate the sense of smell is in the absence of other cues.  Children are given several scents to identify and find that it is harder than they thought.  Although the activity has been designed to be used with a kit containing several scents and smelling sticks, a similar...

Smell, emotions and memory

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