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Boxford has been supplying precision 3D machinery for schools, colleges, universities and toolmakers all over the world for more than 70 years. They have also created innovative and engaging projects for schools to help inspire Britain’s innovators and engineers of the future. The resources included in this collection offer teachers a range of projects designed not only to help push and develop their students’ skills but also make learning interesting and engaging.



This resource from Boxford facilitates the manufacture of a 3D figure of a Pegasus from sheet material. This could be used as an exemplar for a project to design and make a ‘flat pack’ 3D item or to demonstrate the capabilities of a CNC laser cutter. It includes the CAD files for each of the component parts of the...

Bug Boxes

This resource from Boxford shows an example of a bug box manufactured using CNC machines. It contains a brief description of the project, CAD files for machining and a supporting video showing the assembly of pre-cut pieces of a bug box. The description of the project shows photographs of the machined product....

3D Clock

This resource from Boxford describes the use of SolidWorks CAD software and industry partnerships to develop a 3D clock project targeted at teenagers. It contains two articles written for D&T Practice and sample CAD drawings. Clocking On 1 introduces the challenge set for students and the design process that...


This resource from Boxford describes the design and manufacture of a vacuum-forming mould that can be used to make a toy yacht. The resource includes a copy of an exemplar stereolithography file that can be used to manufacture the mould on a rapid prototyping machine. Several images of the CAD models, the use of a...


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