Scientific Vocabulary

This collection contains lists of the key scientific vocabulary encountered at primary level, ready to be printed off and used in class. The lists are divided by year group and topic, however could be adapted for use across the primary phase. Many topics include either word mats or loop cards to help children learn the meaning of the words.

Produced by Sheffield City Council, the resources were originally designed to support the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) schemes of work, written for the 2000 National Curriculum programme of study.

The topics include:

*Forces and movement
*Materials and their properties,
*Health and growth
*Living things and their habitats.
*Thermal insulators and conductor
*Magnets and springs
*Rocks and soils
*Teeth and eating
*States of matter
*Earth and space
*Interdependence and adaptation
*Keeping healthy
*Life cycles

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