STEM Ambassadors classroom activities collection

A collection of activities and ideas for STEM  Ambassadors to use  in a classroom setting.

This collection no longer exists. Please follow the link below to find the resources:

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Rachel Buckingham

Started using this site yesterday for resources as a careers adviser. I have many students asking me about careers in engineering and need more wow information around to inspire students.

Looking forward to gaining more knowledge about all the different engineering pathways and signposting teachers and students to the correct links for them to research.

Rachel Smart

Thanks for your comments. We are constantly increasing the number of resources with a careers focus. I would recommend that you search for Engineering careers resources on the front page. This will present various video, poster and guidance specifically around different types of Engineering careers. In addition, as it is Year of Engineering this year, we will shortly be posting some tailor made Engineering resource packages, showcasing exciting and relevant resources to support teaching and careers support. I hope these will be helpful to you.


I'm not seeing a list of activities here that my course says it should. ??


There is nothing on the list even though I am logged in! Is it a bug?

Mike Anderson

Hi all, this collection no longer exists. Please check out the resources here instead:

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