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The Brompton Bicycle was conceived as a product that increases people’s independence and freedom, and this concept remains the philosophy of the company - making bicycles that are reliable wherever and whenever they are used. Brompton Bicycle believe that this approach should inform the way we act, not just what we make, and that it should extend, through their distributors and dealers, to the end user. Everyone involved should feel comfortable with the purchase they make and satisfied that they had freedom of choice. The Brompton is a personal transport solution, allowing people to rethink and vary and adapt their journeys at will; their Brompton sets them free from the constraints imposed by the combustion engine, city planners, the weather, public transport administrators, bike thieves and countless other layers of complexity. The resources in this collection were produced by Brompton Bicycle to support design and technology teaching in primary and secondary schools, to promote the teaching of product design and set learning in the context of a real-life company.


Brompton Bicycle: Key Stage 1 Resources

This resource, aimed at children ages 5-7, contains five design and technology projects that focus on bicycles. Children evaluate bicycle designs, then design and make: bicycle parts and accessories for characters from a book, teddy or for a particular purpose. Throughout the activities, children are encouraged to...

Brompton Bicycle: Key Stage 2 Resources

This resource, aimed at children aged 7-11, contains five design and technology projects that focus on bicycles. Providing many cross curricular links and opportunities to develop thinking skills, children are asked to: consider the needs of the rider, carry out research, communicate ideas, solve problems, work...

Brompton Bicycle: Key Stage 3 Resources

These activities have been developed to give students an opportunity to experience the kind of thinking that underpins innovation and project development at Brompton Bicycle. Each activity focuses on a different design characteristic and presents students with a brief requiring them to explore current design...

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