D&T Key Stage 3 projects

This project consisted of 11 activities which were trialled by London schools

Participating schools and their pupils benefited through enhanced teaching of key STEM subjects, brought about by providing pupils with real, engaging activities that use cutting-edge resources, including smart materials and programmable systems for robotics.  


Play area

Alexandra Park School developed a Structures project. A STEM Ambassador who was a structural engineer visited at the end of the unit to review their project, tell the students about Structural Engineering as a career, and to give them a deeper understanding of resonance – an important consideration when designing...

Product evolution

St Bonaventure’s School met with a STEM Ambassador from the BBC. She discussed her career and the various different jobs involved in product creation.
Using a TED talk as a starting point students worked through the activities with the STEM Ambassador.
As an extension activity, students then used the...

Street scene

The Frederick Bremer School used three days during the summer term ‘off timetable’ week for this project which included a day visit to King’s Cross Station with a STEM Ambassador from Transport for London (TfL). The visit provided students with insight into the issues and ideas regarding the redevelopment...

Biomimicry inspired concepts for transport

This resource was developed by a STEM Ambassador, working with St Bonaventure’s School. It looks at how the natural world has inspired design. Student research and developed ideas for their biomimicry-based modes of transport, and modelled them.
Students then presented their ideas and models, explaining how...


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