D&T Key Stage 3 projects

This project consisted of 11 activities which were trialled by London schools

Participating schools and their pupils benefited through enhanced teaching of key STEM subjects, brought about by providing pupils with real, engaging activities that use cutting-edge resources, including smart materials and programmable systems for robotics.  


Happy city

Sydenham School for Girls met with three STEM Ambassadors while undertaking this very ambitious project which delivered on the basic modelling and ideas for planning a city. It aimed to develop materials ‘literacy’, set the foundation for good workshop practice and to  develop independent thinking skills in...

Pastry product

Students from The Heathlands School met a STEM Ambassador. The visit provided students with insight into a career in cooking and nutrition, focussing on the many and varied kinds of pastry and how they are made. This input was very helpful during the four week pastry unit.

 Over four weeks, students...

Breakfast pastry

Sydenham School met a STEM Ambassador who is a food product technologist. The visit provided students with insight into food, cooking and nutrition, including basic hygiene during practical sessions, target markets, research, generating ideas, making, product evaluation and sensory evaluation.

Budding gardeners

Groups of students from Townley Grammar School for Girls took part in RHS Wisley’s Budding Gardeners' Wonderland’ Competition 2015, with the assistance of two STEM Ambassadors – an RHS landscape designer and a landscape architect. The brief was similar to an enterprise project – to create a competition standard 1mx...


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