Year 3: Darwin's Thinkers

This collection of resources encourages children to draw inspiration from the life and work of Charles Darwin to develop their understanding of the natural world.

Originally designed for children working in lower Key stage Two, they are called Darwin's ‘Thinkers’ as they are encouraged to reflect on their findings and pool their ideas. In these resources they explore how we use plants and investigate how they grow successfully.

Darwin's Thinkers is part of The Great Plant Hunt, created by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and commissioned and funded by the Welcome Trust to mark the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth.


Darwin's Thinkers: Assemblies and Quick Start Resources

These resources, aimed at primary level, can be used for an assembly about the project or as a class introduction to learning about plants. An extract about the life of Charles Darwin sets the scene, and a video and postcard from Carly, a real life plant hunter. Carly works in Namaqualand, South Africa where as...

Thinkers Activity 1: Thinking Walk

In this resource, aimed at primary level, children learn about the importance of plants to everyday life. Children are asked to reflect on what makes them feel good whilst on a thinking walk. They make and record observations on the walk to help prompt them when back in class. Children consider what is about the...

Thinkers Activity 2: Living well *suitable for home teaching*

In this resource, aimed at primary level, children explore the requirements for successful plant growth and plan fair tests to investigate their ideas. Children are then challenged to explain how plants adapt to live in different conditions such as: deserts, in shady areas of rainforests and in water. It includes...

Thinkers Activity 3: The Feel Good Factor

This resource, aimed at primary level, explores the different ways in which plants are used. Children collect samples of products which use plants and discuss their usefulness. It includes teacher guidance and a presentation showing some of the many uses of plants and a presentation which shows different seeds are...

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