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Based at the University of Aberdeen, the Rowett Institute is a key centre for the study of food and its relationship to long-term health. The Institute undertakes research to address some of the most compelling contemporary problems in nutrition. The Institute's research contributes not only to new scientific knowledge, but also to new understanding to underpin government policies and to inform innovation for industry leading to increased economic growth.

The resources in this collection are aimed at Scottish primary levels up to P7. In England, they may also contribute to Key Stage Three lessons.


Food Lab

Food Lab is a collection of simple food-based experiments suitable for Scottish P4-7 (Primary Upper Stages) classes or English Key Stages Two and Three. The activities investigate the chemistry of food, including substances that food contains, mixtures, changes in substances and healthy eating options. Spectacular...

Getting in Shape

This collection from the Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health offers an integrated, structured cross-curricular programme of learning and teaching about how to develop a balanced lifestyle. The programme runs from Early Years through to lower Secondary and includes activity worksheets, teachers' notes,...

This collection offers a cross curricular approach to diet, sustainable food production and how human activity impacts upon our environment. It may be used as a workshop or as individual activities. The approaches used will enable students to come to decisions regarding their diet based on many factors including...

Fruit Fuels

Aimed at very young learners, this resource looks at fruit and the part it plays in a healthy diet. Children are asked to cut out fruit pictures and place them onto cards showing a quad bike, a speedboat, a snowboarder and a ballerina.

This resource has been produced by the Rowett Institute of Nutrition and...


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