DIY Faraday Challenges

These cross-curricular Science, Design and Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) activity days from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) encourage the development of students’ problem solving, team working and communication skills. Students achieve a better understanding of what engineering is and the science, maths and technology elements within engineering, leading to increased engagement in science or technology lessons afterwards. The challenges have been specifically designed to give students the opportunity to be creative in their solutions and to succeed, independent of their level of ability. The activities are therefore suitable for a range of different ability levels.



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Mission to Mars

In this DIY Faraday Challenge, students are asked to work in teams to design and construct the rocket which will transport supplies via Earth orbit to the astronauts on Mars. They are also required to build a system to transport the rocket to the...

James Webb Space Telescope

This IET DIY Faraday Challenge asks students to design and prototype a product or process involved in creating the James Webb Space Telescope. Your design must include an electric circuit and should be designed as a working prototype.

The James Webb Space Telescope (or Webb for short), will allow us...

DIY Faraday Challenge: Smart Cycle

The IET DIY Faraday Challenge Day ‘Smart Cycle’ is a DIY STEM activity day but it could be adapted to be run as a suite of lessons. The aim of this challenge is to introduce students to cutting edge technology which engineers are, and will be using in the future and this challenge will work best if you have access...

Land Rover BAR

This IET...


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