A collection of resources devoted to improving the aircraft efficiency, using bio fuels in aircraft and echo ranger technology for underwater systems.


Using carbon fibre to create a Boeing 787

This video from Boeing looks at the use of carbon fibre to create the Boeing 787 fuselage. It shows the layup of carbon fibre tape on the curve of the aircraft, the heating of the fuselage in an industrial oven and a brief overview of the difference that composites like carbon fibre are making to the manufacture of...

Developing biofuels for the aircraft industry

This video by Boeing supports students to understand about biofuels, explaining what they are, why they are needed as a renewable fuel and the impact that developing them will have on the environment.

Underwater technology - echo ranger

This video by Boeing explains the challenges involved in creating an echo ranger that will work on the Boeing underwater systems. It explains the impact that this technology will have on exploration of the seas and the people that study them.

Improving wing design of aircraft: 737 Winglet

This video explains the development and impact of improved wing design by Boeing. Using the Boeing 737 as a case study, the video explains how the winglet improves aircraft efficiency and draws on the impact that design and engineering can have on travel and the environment.

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