As a business at the cutting edge of developments in energy, industry, healthcare and infrastructure and cities, Siemens uses contexts from its work to provide materials that present real challenges to students and develop the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in, and meet the challenges of, a technology-led future.

These schemes of work are based on some of the ground-breaking projects and technologies of the four business sectors that Siemens is engaged in. Each scheme of work is supported by corresponding stimulus video, lesson plan and student support sheets to supplement classroom delivery.

The Crystal is an exhibition situated in east London which showcases global trends and challenges, and existing technological solutions to build environmentally sustainable, livable and prosperous cities. Across ten zones, the exhibition encourages students to change the way we all think about the development of cities, now and for future generations.


Now Hear This (11-14)

This resource from Siemens looks at how the ear works and how sounds are converted into nervous impulses. The activities aim to develop student’s understanding of the concept of loudness and the decibel.

A signal generator is used to compare loudness to frequency and to demonstrate how sound is represented...


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