The resources in this collection, from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), look at how we meet our increasing water demands, the importance of clean water to public health, water shortages and engineering solutions to providing clean water. There is also a product design project to develop a ‘marketing and branding’ campaign for a pure water product. The resources can be used individually, as a cross-curricular collapsed timetable resource or as a part of full scheme of work.



How Much Water? 1

This activity focuses on the link between water usage at home and the number of people living in their household, as well as comparing the water usage within the UK to that of other countries.

Students estimate how much water they use each day and apply their mathematical understanding to interpret a wide...

How Much Water? 2

This activity focuses on the link between the UK’s current water usage and the predicted increase expected in the future. Looking at a water board website, students think about how the website is set up and the formulae that are being used. They then work in groups to set up their own spreadsheet, inserting...

Clean Water 1

This starter activity asks students to consider possible solutions to the world water shortage. It encourages students to identify the causes of water shortage in Britain, to think about their own water usage and consider how they may be able to save water at home.

After watching a video which illustrates...

Clean Water 2

This activity, from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), sets students the challenge of designing and building a water treatment system to produce a clean sample of water. They will need to think about what equipment they would need, what stages the dirty water would need to go through in order to...


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