The resources in this Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) collection look at fuel poverty and the topical issue of the cost and efficient use of energy. There is an emphasis on the use of functional mathematics to analyse and interpret published facts and figures. The resources can be used individually, as a cross-curricular collapsed timetable resource or as a part of full scheme of work.



Fuel Poverty 1

In this activity, students investigate what is meant by fuel poverty. This could be used as a starter activity in mathematics or design and technology, with a focus on economic reasons for the development of sustainable power sources. Using the slides as stimulus...

Fuel Poverty 2

In this activity, students interpret graphs to identify trends and the people who are affected by this fuel poverty. Learning outcomes include:

*To understand that mathematics is used as a tool in a wide range of...

Heating Through the Ages

This resource provides a structured approach and a set of questions to guide students' research into changing use of energy sources, looking at how and why the types of energy sources for domestic use have changed over time.


Burning Water 1

This activity investigates the potential of hydrogen fuel cells as a means of energy generation and storage. Students make hydrogen gas by electrolysis, supported by practical instruction sheet. Combined with the Burning Fuels 2 resource, students can explore the...


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