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The IET Faraday programme has been developed by the Institution of Engineering and Technology, Europe’s largest professional organisation in the field. The aim is to introduce a new generation to the sheer excitement of science, technology and engineering.

These resources include cross-curricular classroom activities with accompanying film clips and downloadable supporting files such as presentations and handouts which can be tailored to students' needs.

The IET Faraday materials give a real insight into what it is like to be a scientist, technologist or engineer working at the cutting edge of technology. They investigate the problems that engineers face and the technologies behind their solutions and cover a variety of exciting areas.




Skeleton Bob

The resources in this Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) collection look at the aerodynamic characteristics of objects. Students explore the requirements of aerodynamic design through testing simple shapes in a wind tunnel. The activities focus on students acquiring an understanding of aerodynamics...

Sound Design

The resources in this collection use everyday contexts, such as the design of music venues and airports, to encourage students to consider how materials need be tested for their suitability for a specific job before engineers in construction projects can choose them. The tasks ask students to think about what...


The resources in this collection focus on the wider issues relating to society and health. They provide a ‘big picture’ in relation to the connection between society and health and the development of new technologies. The activities allow students to explore social, ethical, economic and health issues relating to...

World Water

Water is crucial to human life, but it can also be a killer. Water contaminated with micro-organisms or chemicals, which is then used for drinking or cooking, is a leading cause of disease and death across the world. Poor facilities for the disposal of sewage and other waste water can quickly lead to the spread of...


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