Chemistry and the Environment

This collection produced by the Royal Society of Chemistry stems from the increased concern for, and interest in, the environment. It includes a range of provoking activities to stimulate thinking about our climate in the future. The resources highlight the importance of chemistry, the role of chemists and explore the value of chemical knowledge and techniques to society. The topics included are fundamentally important to citizens of the present and the future.


Climate change

Activities that encourage students to form opinions on the issue of climate change based on scientific data, and aim to generate classroom discussion and debate. This is a flexible group of resources for 11-19 year olds.

The materials can be used to study both ideas and evidence and the nature of science,...

Chemistry and the Environment

This book, published by the Royal Society of Chemistry, contains practical activities, data interpretation exercises and stimulus material that can support both field and laboratory work. The activities are relevant to chemistry and the environment and are grouped into three themes: air quality, water quality, and...

Chemistry Now - Chemistry of the Atmosphere

This resource, from the Royal society of Chemistry, looks at the way that the Earth’s present atmosphere has evolved from possible earlier atmospheres. Some of the available evidence for different scenarios is presented and critically discussed. The two possibilities that are presented are either that the Earth was...

All at Sea? The Chemistry of the Oceans

This booklet, published by the Royal Society of Chemistry, is a useful extension to the study of the oceans for the more able student. It concentrates on the chemistry of the hydrosphere but it also considers how this interacts with the Earth’s other spheres.

It includes information on the dissolved ions...


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