Practical Chemistry

The Practical Chemistry collection, from the Royal Society of Chemistry, focuses on the investigations, experiments and demonstrations that can be offered as part of chemistry lessons. A wide range of practicals are offered in this collection with hundreds of tried and tested experiments included to stimulate and motivate students.

The collections include:
Classic chemistry demonstrations - 100 tried and tested demonstrations

Classic chemistry experiments - 100 tried and tested experiments

In search of solutions - ideas for chemical egg races and other problem-solving activities

In search of more solutions - 50 further practical problem-solving activities

Microscale chemistry - 60 experiments which use small quantities of chemicals and simple equipment


This collection, from the Royal Society of Chemistry, consists of ten practical activities for students aged 16-18 years. They are designed to develop both the students’ practical skills and their independent study skills in preparation for higher education.

The problems presented are designed to develop the...

Microscale chemistry experiments use small quantities of chemicals and simple equipment. These have the advantages of reducing costs, reducing safety hazards and allowing many experiments to be done quickly and sometimes outside of the laboratory. Microscale Chemistry is a book of such experiments, designed for use...

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