WORLDbytes is a unique online Citizen TV channel set up and run by the education charity WORLDwrite. Dedicated to advancing new knowledge, skills and ideas, the charity promotes excellence in citizen reporting and provides free training to volunteer-learners which combines practical film making with tackling challenging issues.

Working with people who have often never picked up a camera before, the charity aims to promote serious research and discussion and provide intensive practical training through the production of real programmes.


Dope-ocracy: an Olympian Pill Panic

This programme provides alternative view points for the debate around performance enhancing drugs in sport. Stating that the anti-doping crusade is both illogical and immoral, Professor Sam Shuster, a clinical scientist, argues that athletes lives and careers are needlessly destroyed and anti-doping rules have no...

Your Days Are Numbered

This video, written and presented by Matt Parker and Timandra Harkness, considers the statistics of death. The only certainty is that everyone will die, but it is not known how or when this will happen. Based upon statistics, the odds of dying in particular ways are calculated and interpreted.

The Normal...

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