Leading Space Education Programme

The Leading Space Education Programme (LSEP) is a Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) funded project that has worked with 30 schools in England with the aim of enhancing space education and careers in secondary schools and using space to: excite; inspire; involve learners; raise aspirations and motivation; and raise awareness of the British space industry. The resources in this collection have been written by teachers from some of the Leading Space schools, and span a variety of activities that have been used in the classroom, including: a whole Year Eight scheme of work themed around space; a space day for the whole school; the chemistry of rockets and combustion; and using space apps in the classroom. The collection also includes a film, sharing inspirational practice, and a case study publication – Raising standards in STEM and other subjects:using space-related contexts and applications


Kennet School

This activity explores the pros and cons of a mission to Mars. The lesson requires students to evaluate evidence and to consider the wider impacts of a manned mission to Mars. The lesson begins with a starter activity to gauge the opinions of the students about a manned mission to Mars. In the main activity,...

Long Eaton School

This resource is a lesson based around the Drake Equation – an equation used to estimate the number of detectable extraterrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy.

There is a differentiated lesson plan and a PowerPoint which guides the class through the lesson. The students are posed questions about...

Shoeburyness High School

Shoeburyness High School set up a Space Academy, and themed their whole Year Eight science scheme of work around space. The PowerPoint gives the background to the project and also includes evidence of the impact of the project in terms of student attitudes and behaviour. The Year Eight scheme of work is provided in...

Raising Standards in STEM and Other Subjects: Using Space-related Contexts and Applications

The Leading Space Education programme has been funded by the STFC since September 2008. A network of schools was established and supported by SSAT, to develop and embed high-quality, space-themed educational practice. All schools started from different prior experiences of engagement with space education and are...


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