Science education policies and reports

This collection contains a variety of science education reports published by a number of different organisations. The reports have been classified into the following sub collections:

  • Assessment
  • International Comparisons
  • Post 16
  • Professional Development
  • Teaching and Learning

These resources are part of the main collection of Educational research in STEM subjects


This collection of STEM educational reports, produced by a number of organisations, concern how science is assessed. The reports include: * Improving the assessment of practical work in school science - this report reviews how practical work in science is currently assessed in England. *The effects of national...

This collection contains a variety of reports published by a number of organisations comparin performance in science across countries. The reports include: * Physics Participation and Policies: Lessons from Abroad - this report, produced by the Centre for Education and Employment Research (CEER), looks at the...

This collection of STEM education reports explores science education Post 16. The reports include: * Physics in Schools and Universities II: Patterns and Policies - this report indicates that there is a decrease in the number of students choosing physics as an A level subject which also impacts on university...

This collection of STEM education reports explores science professional development. The reports include:

  • Mathematics and science in secondary schools - This study examined the deployment of science and mathematics teachers and support staff in maintained secondary schools in England.
  • ...