A Level Resources

A number of resources produced by the Spode Group aimed at teachers and students of advanced level mathematics. The aim of each publication is to show teachers and students applications of the mathematics covered in the A level syllabus. The resources include a wide range of interesting problems and applications from the 'real world' with the hope of making the topics taught more relevant.



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Motivating A-Level Mathematics

Produced by the Spode Group, this resource illustrates many applications of topics in A-level mathematics. The book is divided into four chapters. Each chapter contains a number of case studies. Each case study is divided into an introductory problem statement, solution and further exercises.


Realistic Applications in Mechanics

Produced by the Spode Group with the intention of providing a collection of applications for teachers and students to be able to appreciate relevant uses of mechanics. The applications include: *N men in a boat - components and moment forces *High jump techniques - projectiles, impulse, centre of mass *The shot...

Trigonometric Functions

Produced by the Spode Group as part of the A-level mathematics support series, this booklet aims to show the practical importance of trigonometric functions. The booklet contains five case studies.

Cylindrical oil container covers applications of sine, cosine and tangent