Science Teacher Education Project

From 1970, the Science Teacher Education Project (STEP) was supported by the Nuffield Foundation to enable groups of tutors to cooperate in devising and trying out materials that would contribute to the improvement of professional training. In three years the project produced the publications listed below.

STEP was a response to the science courses that had been developed in schools during the previous decade which featured learning activities designed to achieve a wider range of educational purposes than before. A consequence of this evolution of ways of teaching science was that changes in the ways of training and re-training science teachers were necessary so that the new ideas would spread within schools.

The central publication, Activities and Experiences, describes approximately one hundred ideas for inclusion in teachers' professional courses. They are mostly college-based, though in many cases closely related to school-based work. In Theory into Practice, the school-based activities are grouped together, and supplemented by others in the same style. Consequently, many individuals contributed indirectly to these assignments. About fifty science tutors from universities and colleges participated in the writing and some two hundred in the trials of the units.

* Activities and Experiences
* Theory into Practice
* The Art of the Science Teacher
* Through the Eyes of the Pupil
* Innovations in Teacher Education
* Readings in Science Education
* Meadowbank School
* Film Review


Activities and Experiences

Activities and Experiences was the central publication of the Science Teacher Education Project, provided by the Nuffield Foundation. It was compiled to provide a bank of ideas to use in courses of professional development. This publication consisted of a loose-leaf pack with pages featuring:

* Introductory...

The Art of the Science Teacher

The Art of the Science Teacher, from the Nuffield Fundation, was published by the Science Teacher Education Project to provide background reading suitable for both student-teachers and serving teachers. Each chapter was written by experienced classroom teachers who had also been involved in teacher education. The...

Film Review

This resource, from the Nuffield Foundation, was published in the early 1970s as part of the Science Teacher Education Project (STEP). The book contains detailed reviews of over ninety films that might be used in the professional preparation of teachers at that time. The book is therefore of very limited interest...

Innovation in Teacher Education

Innovation in Teacher Education, from the Nuffield Foundation, describes how tutors involved in the Science Teacher Education Project (STEP) cooperated to devise and try out a variety of exercises and activities as alternatives or additions to established tutorial procedures as practiced in the early 1970s. Thus...


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