Produced by Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme, the resources in this section help students to develop their skills in reading for information.

Text with lots of information and subject-specific language demotivates and slows down the reader. This can lead to poor comprehension and a reluctance to engage with further scientific texts. The first part of this skill area introduces selective reading strategies, such as skimming and scanning, which promote more effective study and learning for students. The second part considers reading strategies to help develop understanding and recall.

There are trainer development materials associated with the delivery of learning activities in this skill area. They can be found at: LSS Skill Area 3 Training.


Skill 3.6 Going Beyond an Article: Asking Key Questions

Produced by Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme, this activity helps students to be able to:

* identify the underlying scientific principles that relate to a brief article
* formulate questions about the article
* explain key pieces of information presented in the article.

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