Produced by Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme, the resources in this section help students to develop their skills in information retrieval. Activities encourage students seeking specific scientific information to look for professional and reliable sources, not only on the internet but also in the libraries and archives of professional institutions. Therefore in addition to web searches as a general information source, this skill area considers text books, the British Library, online journals, experts in the field and surveys.

The section contains teacher guidance and a series of activities that tackle topics including:
* The information revolution
* Using the internet to find information
* Assessing the reliability of information
* Classifying statements
* Surveys
* Resources and audiences
* Questioning information
* Information to the public

There are trainer development materials associated with the delivery of learning activities in this skill area. They can be found at: LSS Skill Area 1 Training.


Skill 1.5 Speed Survey

Produced by Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme, in this activity students look at surveys as an important method of gathering and retrieving information.

The activity allows students to evaluate the process of collecting data from short interviews with their peers. It consists of a speed survey game,...

Skill 1.6 Resources and Audiences

These materials, from the Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme, help students to consider the appropriate approach when communicating ideas and information to particular audiences.

The activities encourage students to:

* analyse information and resources for their level of difficulty, the audience,...

Skill 1.7 Questioning Information

Produced by Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme, in this activity students identify potentially misleading statistics and explain some of the issues involved in using data to inform policy making.

The activity is...

Skill 1.8 Science Words Rummy

Produced by Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme, this activity is a game which emphasises the specific nature of scientific vocabulary.

The object of the game is to collect three cards with the same word. These must include the correct scientific definition, a correct but non-scientific definition and a...


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