ARKive Age 5-7 (Key Stage One)

With the help of the world’s best filmmakers, photographers, conservationists and scientists, ARKive has created the ultimate multimedia guide to the world's endangered animals, plants and fungi. These resources help children to learn about the variety of living things, where they live, their habitats and also the ideas about their conservation. The materials contain teacher guidance as well as a wealth of images and classroom activities to help deliver learning into living things and the variety of life.


Nocturnal Animals (Age 5-7)

Produced by ARKive, this hands-on activity is designed to teach 5-7 year olds about nocturnal animals and the senses they employ to navigate life in the dark. Humans rely heavily upon the sense of sight and these activities explore the ways other animals have become adapted to life where and when light is less...

ARKive School Museum

Produced by ARKive, this series of activities teaches students about endangered species through the creation of an interactive museum. Children learn about endangered species through the ARKive School Museum presentation and then choose an endangered species to research. They then produce an exhibit by creatively...

Penguin Diversity: Mask Making (Age 5-7)

Through this fun and creative activity, from the ARKive collection, students learn about the different types of penguin species and how they have adapted, physically and behaviourally, to live in different environments. Each student is provided with the materials to make a mask showing one species of penguin,...

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